Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Every once in a while, on our buying trips to America, we find something that we class as simply amazing.....

Every once in a while, on our buying trips to America, we find something that we class as simply amazing! We try lots of different products and every so often there is one product that stands out as a must have. One such product is Taza Chocolate.

Taza Chooclate is made in Boston and is a Mexican stone ground style chocolate. What is stone ground? Well Taza make their own stone grinding disks by hand carving ridges into granite stone which they then use to grind the already roasted and shelled cacao beans in an age old traditional Mexican way into perfectly unrefined, minimally processed chocolate which allows tiny bits of cacao and organic cane sugar to remain in the finished product which results in chocolate brimming with bright tastes and and bold textures unlike anything you may have tasted before. Every piece of Taza Chocolate is made from bean-to-bar at Taza's Somerville, Mass, USA factory (Which you can tour if you are in the area) and Taza roast, winnow, grind, temper and mold all their chocolate by hand in house.
Taza make a range of rustic dark chocolate products in many differnt flavours, some sweet, some savoury and some spicy. The chocolate is Organic, Fairtrade, soy free, dairy free, non GMO and Kosher Pareve.

The most popular Taza Chocolates are the Mexican style disks. Not only do these taste amazing but they also look amazing as well! The disks have a RRP of £4.99 and the Amaze bars have a RRP of £5.99 and we also now stock the Tazito bars which are smaller bars with a RRP of £1.99. These make great gifts (Valentines Day just around the corner!) and as well as just eating this chocolate straight from the pack why not use it for making hot chocolate (Watch a video here made by Alex, Taza's founder on how to make the perfect Mexican style hot chocolate) or use it for baking, its amazing in cookies!
You can buy this amazing chocolate on our website, in our Aldershot store and soon in Whole Food Markets and other quality confectionery retailers.