Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Instant Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

Do you ever get a craving for a grilled cheese sandwich but you just don't have the time or means to make one? Well we have just the product for you! Our new Herr's Grilled Cheese Flavour Cheese Curls combine the tasty cheese flavour of cheese curls we all know and love with an added extra. As soon as you pop one of these large puffs into your mouth you can instantly taste the buttery toasted bread, whisking you away to a cheesy-snack heaven.

Having taste tested these (perhaps a few too many times) we can report back that they really are as good as you'd imagine, in fact they've become a fast-favourite here at Stateside HQ. Grab a packet while you can, because we're pretty sure they'll be going fast as the picnic and BBQ season begins! If only Herr's could invent some tomato soup flavour snacks to combine with these we'd never need to cook again!

Check out our other new Herr's chips, including JalapeƱo Popper, Texas Pete's hot sauce and Nachitas, here.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Toothpaste with a difference...

When it comes to toothpaste most of us tend to stick to the traditional mint. It's clean and fresh tasting, but have you ever felt like you need a change? Well we've got just the product for you! These new toothpastes are anything but ordinary, and will certainly leave a taste in your mouth!

We are so excited about these new pickle, cupcake and bacon toothpastes, that we just couldn't wait to try them out. And we have to say that they taste amazing, but very bizzare! And don't forget to check out the instructional video below to make sure you're using it right!

These are the latest addition to our website, in a section we're calling 'weird & wacky candy & more', where you can find all sorts of weird and wonderful products - great for gifts! We'd love to hear your experiences with these toothpastes!

Check-in at the Stateside Candy Co!

Planning a visit to our Aldershot store soon? Well you can now tell the whole world about it through location based social networks Gowalla and Foursquare! Simply check-in when you get here and post your reviews, tips and photos for everyone to see.

And make sure you do it on every visit, as we'll be handing out discount codes and special prizes to regular Gowalla and Foursquare visitors! Check out the profile pages now to see pictures and tips people have already added.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

And the winner is...

It's been a hard decision and one we almost couldnt make, but finally we have chosen the winner of our wonderful Wonka competition! And because there were so many amazing entries we've decided to give away two goodie bags to our favourite inventions.

It took hours of deliberation but we eventually decided that our two favourites had to be John's inflatable taffy capsules and CJ's bite size red velvet pieces.

John's idea had us experimenting in our minds about the different sodas we could add the sweets to, with Mountain Dew and A&W Cream Soda coming out on top. Here's his description:

small pellets (think trebor mints) that when put in water inflate into chewy taffy with the airy consistency of cake, they come in 2 sorts too. One is a unflavoured one which takes on the taste of the liquid (coke, orange juice, coffee, red bull etc) you use to expand the sweet, perfect for people who like to experiment. the other type are all different flavours, yet look the same so you never know what you may get.

While CJ's idea not only made us salivate, but the sweet poem had us all picturing the advert! We're amazed no one has combined the smoth Red Velvet cake with a crisp white chocolate shell before. Check out her cute poem below:

The Yummy Treat I'd like to make
is candy shelled Red velvet cake
A treat so sweet not all could stand
but the tiny spheres fit in the palm of your hand
A center filled with buttercream
is every sweet tooth's secret dream
and to cover such a sweet so well
a delicious white chocolate shell.
John and CJ might have been our winners, but there were so many other ideas we loved. If only we had a factory full of oompa loompas to produce all of these fantastic creations!

John and CJ, please contact us to claim your wonderful Wonka goodie bags!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Win a Golden Ticket (and a goodie bag) with New Empress magazine

While we've been celebrating the anniversary of Wonka for a while now on the blog, film fans around the world are still sharing their love and experiences of the movie. New Empress Magazine is a new quarterly publication not just about film but about cinema: the history, the experience the names you know and the names you don’t. It’s a celebration; an exultation; a merry medley of motion picture musings. And for the second edition of the magazine they're celebrating the weird and wonderful world of Wonka by giving away 5 Golden Tickets!

These Golden Tickets wont entitle the winner to a tour of the chocolate factory, but you will get a goodie bag crammed with Wonka goodies supplied by us! This will include Wonka Bars, Gobstoppers, Runts and Laffy Taffy - everything Willy would have wanted you to try.

Not only will you be in with the chance of finding one of the tickets, but there'll be an exclusive interview with the original Veruca Salt (Julie Dawn Cole) and printing reader's stories about the first time they saw the movie. Check out this awesome new film-fan magazine and be in with a chance of winning here. Good luck!