Monday, 28 March 2011

Win wonderful Wonka products to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the movie!

Here at the Stateside Candy Co. we love weird and wonderful products. From spreadable marshmallow Fluff to bacon flavoured popcorn, we don't shy away from the stranger products from across the pond. And so our hero has to be Roald Dahl's fantastically eccentric candy creator Willy Wonka. 

He first appeared in the 1964 novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in which the illusive inventor offered a tour around his factory to the lucky few who discovered golden tickets in their chocolate bars. In 1971 Mel Stuarts amazing movie hit the screen, starring Gene Wilder as the wonderful Willy Wonka. Kids and adults alike drooled over the opening sequence of chocolate, sang along with the magical music and dreamt of entering the chocolate room, where everything is edible! 

We're not the only one's excited about this amazing anniversary, as Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were testing out some unusual products on ITV's This Morning today. They got the chance to try out some cool chocolate machines, and even tried some of our Marshmallow Fluff - which Phil particularly liked on his toast! They also featured a giant gummy bear, which you can get your hands on right here!

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the film, and to celebrate we're launching a competition! We want you to show us your 'pure imagination' by creating your own unique Wonka-inspired product. Grab some inspiration from our huge range of Wonka products; from the new Carameldelicious bar to Rainbow Nerds and everything in-between! Would you reinvent the Wonka bar or create a brand new type of candy? Give us a description of your own Wonka product and the one that makes our mouths water the most will win an awesome prize! 

This wonderful Wonka goodie bag includes a copy of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the 2005 Johnny Depp re-imagining Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD, along with plenty of Wonka candy from our website!

Post your ideas in the comments below to be in with a chance of winning. And remember, be as imaginative as possible - we'd love to see pictures, creative descriptions or maybe even a homemade commercial. Good luck!

Competition Terms and Conditions:
Open to UK residents only. 
You must be 16 years old and over.'s decision is final.
No cash alternative is offered.
Closing date 30/04/2011


  1. My idea would be like ice cream sundae bubble gum that would actually turn in to ice cream,For instance a banana split with chocolate banana and strawberry ice cream and the stick of gum would be brown yellow and red ( had the different colours for the different flavours) put it in your mouth and chew and it will become cold and full of ice cream tastyness! It would be called Wonkas InsaneCreamSundaeDeight! and a pack would consist of ten sticks of gum with various flavours of caramel,pistachio,mint choc chip,Ben and Jerrys brownie,fudge,99's and all the rest,10 at random! so rather on a hot day going to buy a ice cream have a packet in your pocket and it will be a cone shaped packet! and the ad would be a kid running to an ice cream parlour closed then a ice cream van with no one in it the Wonker appears behind him an passes a stick of the gum nods then vanishes in purple smoke, he chews it smiles and passes it to all his friends! I wish I could make a advert and picture but I wouldn't know where to start!

  2. I would like to enter this comp on behalf of my son Brian, big sweet muncher.

    Engergy Sweets: Wonka ”G”

    Suggest talking to energy drink companies to come up with a number of co-branded products that can contain potentially less sugar but more goodness in the form of natural ingredients such as Guarana or other ingredients such as Taurine (Red Bull). To give controlled energy burst and anti fatigue properties combined with electrifying tastes of Raspberry (Red Bull), (Rockstar) Refresher. (Monster) Mash. Units would have controlled number of pieces per package to comply with surgeon general and EU RDA food guidelines per input of sugar and, essentially, natural caffeine.

    “Health” Sweets: EG Five-A-Daze

    Extracts of superfruits, blueberry pomegranate et al with Luo Han Guo, a natural low calorie alternative to sugar. Added asorbic acid and minerals could be a fun way to introduce balanced diet that can provide a healthier alternative as well as a treat

  3. I would have to combine some of my favourite flavours. I would purely go simple with a banoffe flavoured marshmellow that would melt in your mouth.

  4. Milk chocolate bar with a blackcurrant and apple liquid centre and popping candy sweet creamy and fun !!!!

  5. A milk chocolate with white chocolate chips chocolate bar and in the middle a gooey center that changes flavors from different bars like orange and lemon even ice cream.

  6. wonka megamix.

    a bag of sweeets which contains every possible and wanted flavour. a sweet could be different textures or sizes. it could be red bull taste, to bubble gum ice cream, to milk choclate, to anything. just a variety of mini sweets inside a bag, suits what everyone wants. Yum

  7. A snail who is made of soft marshmallow with a crispy candy shell on its back, strawberry flavour. Inside the shell, vanilla goo with sherbet! Yuck and yum to the Sherbet Snail...........

  8. A cheesecake chocolate bar... like mars bars have caramel..make this have a cheesecake filling. comes in all different flavours!

  9. 'PB&J Wonka Bar'

    A creamy chocolate bar filled with lots of yummy oozing crunchy Peanut Butter with a choice of different flavoured Jam (Jelly) - Strawberry, Raspberry and Cherry!

  10. A chewy but soft sweet than lasts ages.

  11. pop corn on the cob, a cob dried then pop while still inside of the outer leaves, flavoured as you like it.

  12. A huge lollipop with sweets inside the middle of it.

    On the outside you should have 3 layers until you get to the actual sweets.

    On the inside i think you should have mini lollipops and a few little sweets.
    You could have any flavor from Strawberry to Bacon and eggs to even roast potatoes and gravy!

  13. kayleigh beirne1 April 2011 at 20:36

    I would love a mango and yoghurt chocolate4 bar with real chunks of mango in!

  14. My idea is a normal milk chocolate bar except, within each segment is a toffee-like goo with different flavours like your average banana and strawberry etc and the further you get to the end of the bar the more inventive the flavour is eg. popcorn; candyfloss; bubblegum etc.
    The chocolate itself is also filled with popping candy!

  15. small pellets (think trebor mints) that when put in water inflate into chewy taffy with the airy consistency of cake, they come in 2 sorts too. One is a unflavoured one which takes on the taste of the liquid (coke, orange juice, coffee, red bull etc) you use to expand the sweet, perfect for people who like to experiment. the other type are all different flavours, yet look the same so you never know what you may get.

    These are in the shape of fireworks which are candy all on the outside so you lick off the outside flavour at the top & inside each one is different flavour popping candy.
    The names of fireworks would be....
    Passion fruit popper
    The wonkawheel wizzer
    The blackcurrant bomb
    The summerfruit sizzler
    The wonka - rocker
    Tropical tangy spectacular

  17. a chocolster bar with marshmallow fluff and popping candy in it x

  18. Candy-floss pillows, decorated with marshmallows and chocolate drops -you can actually eat and dribble in your sleep!

  19. A chocolate bar that actually makes you lose weight, it could be called wonka's workout. Once eaten you'll instantly lose a few pounds.

  20. My idea is like a hard boiled sweet that when sucked becomes hot. You could have all sorts of flavours like mince pies with custard or christmas pudding with cream through to rice pudding with jam or even savoury soups or pies! Just a sweet that would warm you up, which you could carry in your pocket. And saying that now it's summer you could have the reverse sweets that cool you down. That taste of ice cream or a cold beer ahaa. The idea works because there so small you could carry them around and they instantly help you without the calories I spose :).

  21. My idea would be a Scrumbunctious bar which is kind of a gooey orange centre inside chocolate creamy mouse and a dark chocolate covering.

  22. Choccypops - salted popcorn coated in dark chocolate

  23. My idea is a melt in the mouth super large chocolate lollipop! About 10 cms across. As you lick off the chocolate, it is full of different sweet tastes and textures - perhaps marshmallows, toffee fudge, strawberry cream, crunchie honeycombe bits. The lollipop would start off like this, but I would work with Wonka's Chocolate Factory to devlop more flavours to keep variety for the customers. And a name "Wonka's Chocolate Surprise Lolly"

  24. I'd invent some kind of pen / pencil made of an edible sweet which you could chew and, like the everlasting gobstopper, it'd never get smaller.

    So, if, like me, you chew on the end of your pencil, instead of tasting gross wood & getting splinters, you'd get the most wonderful delicious tast and your pen / pencil would stay in one piece!

    The ink / lead could also be edible, so you could write on cakes and things... Or use it for homework to lick it clean afterwards! Who thought doing homework could be fun?!? Just make sure you get it marked first! ;)

  25. Whoops! Email address is helenhodson at sky dot com :)

    These sooking sweets can contain a small amount
    of liquid.This liquid will taste of a vairity of
    fruits.With a twist after u have bit into it the liquid will be released and ur mouth will glow a
    neon colour which will glow in the dark.

  27. The Yummy Treat I'd like to make
    is candy shelled Red velvet cake
    A treat so sweet not all could stand
    but the tiny spheres fit in the palm of your hand
    A center filled with buttercream
    is every sweet tooth's secret dream
    and to cover such a sweet so well
    a delicious white chocolate shell.

  28. Meal flavoured chocolate. Chocolate bars that as you eat the you start to taste more than just chocolate. Full Roast, Full English....there be weird but wonderful.

  29. I would make a cake, that with every bite would a different sort of cake flavour (and of course the cake would know which were your favourites! For example, my cake would be carrot cake the first bite, 2nd bite chocolate fudge cake, 3rd bite cheesecake, 4th bite banana cake...etc

  30. I would make a never ending roll of candy that fits into your pocket but never seems to get any smaller, and the flavour would change depending on your taste that day for example coffee to get you started in the morning! yummy BLT for lunch a full roast dinner and a white wine for desert lol and if anyone tried to pinch it, it would taste like the most disgusting sweetie in the world and turn their tongue bright blue so if like me you have lots of brothers and sisters they could never pinch your sweeties when your out and if they did you'd know!

  31. Firstly, think 'Hubba Bubba' as in, the bubblegum.
    Imagine that refreshing zingy flavour when you first chew.
    Keep that thought and now imagine 'Bubbaloo' where it had a fruit liquid centre packed full of flavour.

    Now, after 30 seconds or so, it renders tasteless.
    But imagine combining the two, but in the form of a fruit chew, rather than bubblegum.

    I'd create flavours such as:
    Watermelon and Peach
    Candyfloss and Bubblegum
    Pineapple and Mandarin


  32. my ultimate would have to be the all american edibale patchwork quilt made with twinkies sewn together with strawerry laces sprinkled with bacon flavour iceng sugar mmmmmmmmmmmm

  33. Would be tasty ginger with lemon popping rings mmmm my absolute two favourite flavour together :)

  34. A boiled sweet that peanut butter on the outside with a gooey strawberry jam center

  35. It would have to be a lovely truffley chocolate, that never runs out, as you bite it, it regenerates & goes on forever

  36. I've noticed a huge glaring flaw with enjoying yourself by stuffing your face with sweets and chocolate. It's fun for a while but then comes the stomach pains, sometimes nausea and often regret and along with all this is the fact that you then have to stop eating!

    So, to counter this I would invent a "Summore" (not to be confused with a "smore" which would not help with the above situation but in fact make it worse!). Lets imagine you've been stuffing your face with chocolate for a good 20 minutes and suddenly your stomach starts to complain and you're only half way through all the chocolate you intended to eat! Well, eat just one Summore and all your stomach problems vanish and you'll be able to go on eating some more!

    Not only does the Summore allow to go continue eating delicious sweeties, it also tastes yummy itself! It comes in chocolate, orange, lemon, pineapple, strawberry and 50 other flavours! It is also small in size so as not to frighten off people who have gorged themselves to an extreme extent from eating it too.

  37. How about some Breakfast and lunch Jelly Sweats!!!!

    Brakfast could be little jelly fried eggs that taste of egg , jelly bacon strips that that taste of bacon all with added vitamins for health benifits , the list is endless , jeely toast , baked beans ,hash browns jelly mushrooms , tomatoes etc...... all that sweaty fun without the fat.... yummy...!!!

    and for lunch how about a selection of mini jelly pies flavoured in chicken , steak ,mince beef , mixed veg , again without all the cholesteral and the bonus of added vitamins

    Follow this by a bag of mini jelly puddings apple pie , peach pudding the list is endless,mmmmmmmm mouth watering

  38. I would take the everlasting gobstoppers and increase them in size just a little,and replace the centres with popping candy or sour goo.not only a couple of different flavour layers but then a sour / popping surprise in the middle.

    Or how about nutty chocolate coated popcorn with small dipping pots in the bag.Personally I would have a nacho cheese dip but thats my favourite dip for sweet popcorn.

    Email -

  39. For special occasions, a sweet set of russian dolls, each layer would be a different type of sweet, and you wouldn't know what the next layer was going to be until you broke through the one above, the first layer would be marbled colourful boiled sweet in a fruit flavour, next would be chocolate swirled milk dark and white with strawberry pieces in it, then you'd have a jelly layer that would look like a painted russian doll. Then you'd have a dark fruity chocolate layer, and a mint coffee toffee layer. Then right in the middle would be a surprise to keep, like a kinder egg toy but much much better :)

  40. I'd use the theory of hydroponics, where plants grow using a nutrient soup flowing past their roots.
    It should be possible to produce cabbages which taste of strawberries and chocolate, champagne truffle peas and purple sprouting broccoli with multi-flavoured fruit-drop florets. I can imagine tiny, tender spinach leaves with the flavour of finest marzipan and asparagus which fills the mouth with a burst of buttery caramel.
    I'd have no problem getting the children to eat their 5-a-day.

    givinganswers [at] googlemail [dot] com

  41. I would simply invent a chocolate bar that doesn't melt, so no mess, and it would be available in any flavour you wanted so when you opened it, whatever flavour you wanted it to be, it would taste of it.

  42. I would invent........the ATOM!!!

    A excruitiatingly sour liquid centre, covered by a chomptastic chewy type ball, covered, and I mean covered, in lip-smackingly sumptious popping candy.

    And they would come in a variety of flavours like green apple, raspberry, cherry, etc.

    sk8jeangal [at] hotmail [dot] com

  43. (don't have that option)

    I absolutely love smothering marshmallows in Nutella and munching away! So I would love a a marshmallow product with a gooey nutella centre! I think they would fly off shelfs in stores.
    or a helium sweet that tastes like cherry drops! You suck the sweet and there is a delicious liquidy centre and as you suck ur voice raises an octave or two!
    The impressionist sucker! there are a variety of hard boiled sweets in many flavours with different celebrities, animals or objects on them! when you have consumed the sweet you will sound like the person, animal or object on the pack! Names could include Cowell Cola (Simon Cowell), Monkey Madness (Monkey), Justin Jellies (Justin Beiber), Velvet Vroom (Car, Motorbike), Lemon Laughs (keith lemon), Minty Mike (Michael McIntyre).
    Oe the Kiddy Calmer. My child is extremely hyperactive at times and I'm always wishing for a magic pill or fairy godmother to help at these times. the sweet could contain lavender, chamomile, milk and other soothing ingredients mixed in a way that children will enjoy the taste with no added sugar of course!

  44. The winners have been announced! Read our latest blog here:

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