Saturday, 12 March 2011

And we thought we were obsessive about American food....

Now we like to think that we are just crazy about American food. In fact we are quite literally obsessive about those yummy goodies from across the pond! So surely there is nobody out there who could possibly be more obsessive than us right? Urrm actually no.

Gaz walked into our Aldershot store the other day to stock up on Lucky Charms & Cap'n Crunch cereal which is in no way extraordinary, (Apart from the fact he really stocked up in a big way!), and whilst paying for his stash of goodies he mentioned that he was massive Lucky Charms & Cap'n Crunch fan to which we replied 'yes us as well'! To our surprise he then proceeded to roll up his sleeve and trouser leg, (At which point we did get concerned and put security on high alert..), and then he showed us exactly how big a fan he was as you will see below:

As you can see we think it would be difficult for anyone to claim that they are a bigger fan than Gaz! If you think you are the bigger fan then we want to know about it! Gaz we salute you sir!

Many thanks to Gaz for being such a good sport and also give a shout out to Cutthroat Tattoos for being crazy enough to apply the tattoo in the first place.


  1. The Cap'n crunch one is awesome.

  2. Yeah it is! Might have to add this to the staff uniform :)