Sunday, 3 April 2011

Give Mum a Sundae this Mother's Day!

Here in the UK Mum's across the country are waking up to flowers, cards and breakfast in bed. But it's not just Mothering Sunday today, it's also the 119th anniversary of the first ever recorded ice cream sundae! Google are celebrating with a retro sundae themed logo, so we thought we'd join in and show you all the goodies we have to make your knickerbocker glory perfect!

For a traditional chocolate sundae add this Hershey's Double Chocolate Sundae Syrup to your ice cream of choice and top with whipped cream, chopped nuts and a shiny red maraschino cherry. Or for something more fruity, try adding tinned pineapple and this delicious Smuckers Pineapple Topping. My personal favourite has to be the hot fudge sundae,with plenty of melting ice cream and warm sauce, but why not try mixing it up a bit? Add some freshly baked brownies for an all-American treat, or maybe some Marshmallow Fluff for a sweet surprise!

And if that's not enough for you we've just got these Oreo Cookie Pieces in, perfect for creating a cookies and cream sundae. Or for a bit of ice-cream magic try these brand new Heath and Reese's shell ice cream toppings - they freeze when they hit the cold ice cream! 

Want a sundae for breakfast? While we don't recommend ice cream first thing in the morning, we do love these Hot Fudge Sundae flavour Pop TartsWhat would be your ideal sundae? We'd love to hear about your past creations and experiences!

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