Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Toothpaste with a difference...

When it comes to toothpaste most of us tend to stick to the traditional mint. It's clean and fresh tasting, but have you ever felt like you need a change? Well we've got just the product for you! These new toothpastes are anything but ordinary, and will certainly leave a taste in your mouth!

We are so excited about these new pickle, cupcake and bacon toothpastes, that we just couldn't wait to try them out. And we have to say that they taste amazing, but very bizzare! And don't forget to check out the instructional video below to make sure you're using it right!

These are the latest addition to our website, in a section we're calling 'weird & wacky candy & more', where you can find all sorts of weird and wonderful products - great for gifts! We'd love to hear your experiences with these toothpastes!

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