Monday, 27 June 2011

Invite Jack Daniel to the barbecue this summer!

In Tennessee, home of Mr. Jack Daniel, we’re pretty sure they can set up the barbecue and start grilling whenever they want.  Here in the UK however, we spend most of the summer planning barbecues for ‘the next sunny day’, which is always weeks away. In the end the barbecue comes out and everyone joins in the summer fun, no matter what the weather does. We’re celebrating the English summer with our amazing range of Jack Daniel’s barbecue sauces.
Jack Daniel’s whiskey was created back in 1866, and the unique charcoal-mellowed flavour really lends itself to these sauces. Although they do not contain alcohol, they still have the smoky taste of the Tennessee whiskey which works amazingly well on the barbecue. The company even hosts a yearly barbecue competition in Lynchburg with prizes for the best chicken, ribs and even dessert! Whether you’re a fan of the original No. 7 sauce or prefer something sweeter like the Hickory Brown Sugar, we’ve got plenty to go round. These sauces are  the genuine American recipe one's that you'll find in TGI Fridays, and are different to the one's you can buy in UK supermarkets.
The Jack Daniel’s website even has a great recipe finder where you can filter by sauce or ingredients and find new meal ideas. Fire up the barbie and check out our range of Jack Daniel’s sauces here.

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  1. I don't cook in BBQ competitions, but sure do enjoy grilling for my family and trying out new recipes