Friday, 29 July 2011

Amazing Glaze: check out our new popcorn Glaze Pops!

Summer might be the best time to see the big blockbusters in the cinemas, but we've decided to dig out the DVD's because that way we can put our feet up, text to our hearts delight and wander into the kitchen whenever we feel like it to cook up some fresh popcorn. And it's not just any popcorn we're making, but all the flavours of the rainbow! We've discovered these amazing new Glaze Pop glazes which can be added to fresh popcorn to create flavours like cinnamon, blue raspberry, cherry and caramel.
Each packet makes around 5-7 batches of sugar glazed corn, something that in the past could take up to an hour! But this new glaze is easy to use and the perfect sweet treat. Simply add it to your popper or pan with the corn and keep stirring until the popping slows down, it couldn't be easier! Full instructions are below:

Use your regular amount of corn and popping oil. (Don't use salt). Use a measure of GLAZE POP equal to 1/2 the quantity of popcorn. (If you use half a cup of popcorn use one forth cup of GLAZE POP). Put the oil in the popper first and as soon as it liquefies add the popcorn and GLAZE POP. Keep stirring until the popping slows down (do not wait until the last kernel pops) and dump Caramel Corn promptly. Allow to cool before eating.
And why not try it out in one of our new popcorn poppers, we even have great outdoor poppers which are great for festivals and barbecues!

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