Monday, 22 August 2011

MTN Dew Products

MTN Dew Products
We have been informed by Pepsi, today, that we are infringing the use of one of their trademarks, namely MTN Dew. The trademark MTN Dew is intended for products for sale only within the USA and as a result we have been instructed to cease selling any MTN Dew products via our website and also our Aldershot store with immediate effect. Failure to stop selling the MTN Dew range would result in the Stateside Candy Co Ltd being prosecuted/sued for copyright infringement.
Therefore it is, with regret, that as of Monday 22nd August 2011 we will no longer be offering the MTN Dew range of products for sale. Obviously this is a disappointment to both our company and our customers but is unfortunately out of our control however this issue concerns an incredibly small number of products carried by our company and although MTN Dew is a popular item we carry a huge number of other items and so will continue to offer you the widest range of American goodies  in the UK!
We will of course work on a suitable replacement for the MTN range as soon as possible.
With Kindest Regards
Al Baker
Managing Director
Stateside Candy Co Ltd


  1. WHAT. That is insanity. Will you honour orders sent before Monday? I sent an order Friday that included Mtn Dew.

  2. And yet we can buy mountain dew anywhere.
    This is madness always thought sale was a sale they still make there money

  3. This is nothing more than bullyboy tactics from Pepsico. Disgusting behaviour on their part. It'd be fine if you could actually buy their products over here (And I'm not talking about that miserable excuse for an energy drink they're selling as Mountain Dew over here), and the worst part is it's happened before I was able to order any Pitch Black. They should be ashamed of themselves.