Friday, 7 October 2011

Take a sneak peak at our brand new Guildford store!

We've been super busy at Stateside recently and we think it's finally time to show you what we've been up to! Our brand new shop is due to open tomorrow and we cannot wait! We've worked hard to make it the most fun shop in town, and we can't wait to open it's doors to all our lovely fans. So while you eagerly await your first trip you can have a gander at these photos of the store in progress.
The storefront - still under wraps!       
Fully stocked shelves.
Our awesome pick and mix stand.
Jelly Bean shaped till station.
Interactive TV screen, playing Willy Wonka obviously!
There are still a few surprises in store for anyone popping in, but we hope this has you suitably excited! We're looking forward to seeing you at White Lion Walk, Guildford, and can't wait to hear your feedback. Pop in and see us on Saturday 8th October to see the shop for yourself and grab some amazing new goodies.

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