Tuesday, 27 March 2012

¡Ay, caramba! Try our new Jarritos Mexican sodas.

The sun is shining and we've got a spring in our step here at Stateside Candy HQ. And what better way to quench our thirst than with our new range of Jarritos Mexican sodas. We've got a great selection of lime, grapefruit, mango, mandarin and pineapple to choose from. And they make great mixers, as we found out on Sunday at the launch party. With bowling, Mexican food, wrestlers and authentic dancers, as well as plenty of Jarritos and tequilla, it was a great night.

So what's the story with these drinks? Jarritos was established by Mexican Don Francisco Hill in 1950 and has grown throughout Mexico and the USA, gathering a large cult following over the past 60 years. Using natural flavours and sugars from regions across the country, Jarritos aims to bring the authentic tastes of Mexico to British shores. The distinctive glass bottle and minimal labelling draws the eye to the vibrant colours of the nectar inside. Grab a bottle and kick back in the sunshine!

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